Becoming a Member

The best hope for protecting the freedoms of people and advancing the gains of the NAACP is by becoming a member and renewing your membership.

Membership is power. Remember, we are only as good as our members. In numbers we have power. Join the oldest, largest & boldest civil rights organization in America. Membership in the NAACP means joining the premier civil rights organization in our nation. By lending their names and energy to the NAACP our members stand at the forefront of change. We want you to become a part of a legacy dedicated to social justice and equality for all people. We have been supported by countless members and have led the fight for freedom, justice and equality. NAACP membership makes a positive difference in the lives of people. It also provides an opportunity to become an important part of a network of hundreds of thousands of advocates across the country affectionately known as “our Members.”

Your NAACP membership is more than a contribution. You are joining the team that has been at the forefront of civil and human rights battles for more than a century. Over the past century we have fought together and won many of the freedoms and rights that we had long been denied. But as we face the future the days ahead are just as critical as the decade’s past. With the support of our members we are forging a better future for men, women and children. If you care about fighting the racial disparities that are still too prevalent in our nation, the NAACP is the place where you can make a difference.

As a Member of the NAACP You Can

  1. Work with activists in our branch and help to organize.
  2. Become an activists and advocate
  3. Support access to high-quality education high-quality health care and economic opportunities.
  4. Advocate for laws and policies to improve our community.
  5. Participate in local, state regional and national campaigns.

Types of Memberships

Regular Annual Adult Membership
(Ages 21 & older)
$30.00 *

Annual Corporate Membership

Life Time Memberships

Silver Life
(Payable in annual installments of $75.00 or more) $750.00

Gold Life
(Payable in installments of $150 or more)  $1,500.00

Diamond Life
(Payable in installments of $250 or more)  $2,500.00**

(The Diamond Life Membership is only available to Gold or Golden Heritage Life members. It includes a 1-year subscription to the Crisis Magazine. **)

Fully paid life memberships include a 10-year subscription to the Crisis Magazine.

Regular Annual Youth/College Memberships

Youth with Crisis Magazine  
(Ages 20 & under) $15.00*

Youth without Crisis Magazine
(Ages 17 & under) $10.00*

Life Time Memberships

Junior Life
(Payable in installments of $25.00 or more) (Ages 13 & under) $100.00

Bronze Life
(Payable in installments of $50.00 or more)(Ages 14 to 20) $400.00 total**

We desire your membership. As a member of this historic organization you are entitled to all of the benefits of a member in good and regular standing. You will also have the opportunity to work with the branch committee of your choice. You will receive a membership card. We encourage you to carry it on your person at all times. Approximately 30 days prior to the expiration of your card, you should submit the proper remittance. This will ensure that your membership will not laps. Please be patient with us and allow adequate time for processing your membership application.   

Membership Form